We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Four Participating Galleries on Kit Carson Road

of Clay

May 1 - 30, 2018
Opening Reception:
Saturday May 5 - 5-7pm
Closeing Reception:
Saturday May 26 -4-6pm

We are one of those four galleries
hosting local New Mexico guest clay
artists and their works. details to be announced.

Participating Galleries:
Wilder Nightingale Fine Art
Coppermoon Gallery
Total Arts Gallery, Inc. (us) 

Participated Artists:
Akins, Lee
Archer, Amber
Baca, Leonard Baca
Beddo, Jacquita
Boggess, Loay
Cameron, Sheena
Choy, Drita
Crews, Anna Bush
D'Alessandro, Sara Lee
DeKeuster, JoAnne
DeKeuster, Kevin
Dorris, Jan
Evans, Christine
Friedman, Eli
Garcia, Hebe
Glidden, Kim Louise
Goodwin, Gail
Gorman, Eileen
Gourley, PattyMara
Harrington, Sandra
Hoagland, Cheryl
King, Barbara
Kotowski, Sheri
Lowell, Jennifer
McEneaney, Lisa
Nelson-Moore, Judy
Norris, Ericka
Oliverio, Natalina
Ownby, Charlotte
Pichaida, Andrea
Quillian, Alma
Rusnell, Elizabeth
Stupin, Carolyn
Thompson, Darla Graff
Vigil, Tiara
Willett, Frank
Zacharia, Sheryl


Solo Exhibition:

Teruko Wilde

"The search for that secret place"

July 13-August 5
Reception: Friday July 13, 5- 7 pm

“This solo exhibition is a  continuation of Teruko Wilde’s exploration of the land and of life. We are excited for you to experience her newest interpretations as a series which she has entitled “The search for that secret place”, which she has simply stated, has been her inspiration and motivation always.

Two Person Show:

Huihan Liu & 
Weizhen Liang

August 17 - Sept. 16
Reception: Friday, August 17, 5- 7 pm

Focusing on reduced proportions, Huihan and Weizhen are bringing us
their smaller works in oils this year. The subject matters will be for Huihan, his on going documentation of the daily lives of the Tibetan people and for Weizhen, she is interpreting visually the poetry she hears from nature, more specifically roses, in a manner that focuses on Chinese athletics and sensabilites.

In addition to our Show Opening, Fine Art Services will be having a Salon EVENT with Huihan Liu Sunday, 12 August – 4:30-6:30pm

The Salon will be held at the historical Nicolai Fechin’s studio in the Taos Art Museum. Begining with a catered light fare. A docent tour will be provided exclusively for the workshop students, beginning at 3:45pm. The artist’s demonstration painting will be available for sale at the Salon with all proceeds being donated to the Taos Art Museum.

Link to Fine Art Services Website

Huihan Liu Statement:
The Beauty of Tibet Through My Eyes” 

When I first visited Tibet in 1987, travel was difficult and slow via unpaved dirt road. I was fast captivated by its splendid landscape and the hospitable people who live on the roof of the world! The mark that first encounter left would lead me to take eighth more trips to different regions during the following thirty-one years.

Overtime, I have seen many different parts of Tibet; from the northern Qinghai-Tibet plateau to the western Himalayan range. From nomad’s tent in pasture to the Potala Palace and Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa, and from Tibet’s northern gateway of Mt.Tanggula to the southern gate of Rongpu at the foothills of Mt.Everest.

My passion for Tibet has made me strive to paint Tibetan subjects for many years. I am fascinated by the chance to paint whatever I can see. I feel like I don’t have time to lose, as the modern world’s impact on traditional Tibetan culture grows year by year. 

Hope you would enjoy the small work “The Beauty of Tibet Through My Eyes”! 

Weizhen Liang Statement:
“The Spirit of Roses”

One thing I always try to keep in mind is how to best capture the spirit of the roses. Although I have been painting them for twenty years, I have recently been experimenting to come at them from fresh perspective. In each painting, I focus on its own mood and texture to create a unique atmosphere. I spent a lot of time on brushstrokes, scraping it off and retrying many times in order to get the effect just right to try for a spontaneous look. 


(more Info to come)


Two Person Show:

Melinda Littlejohn & Barbara Zaring

Dates: SEPT 21 - OCT 14
Reception: FRIDAY - Sept. 21st

A study in contrast, Barbara and Melinda could not be more different in their artistic styles but we think this dynamic will be something beautiful to behold expertly hung in our show room. More information will be announced as the time gets closer.