JK Lamkin

Gifted in perception, Lamkin explores the constantly changing dimensions of the external world with intense, personal response. This depth of vision materializes in beautifully simplified, universal shapes which are easily identified, nut Lamkin also probes beyond a superficial vision. To Lamkin each object possesses an energy that removes it from the ordinary plane thus the subject is magnified until it fells up the canvas and explodes with color to create the sensation of its life force.

It’s nearly impossible to ignore the spiritually inspired paintings of the acclaimed colorist, J.K. Lamkin. Thoughher formal training is noteworthy, JK’s paintings are not rooted in academic structure or theory. JK easily swings back and forth between representational and non-objective painting.
JK;’s representational work is technically sound and reflects her years of study and high standards and deals primarily with architecture, people, and animals. The beauty of color and simplicity is revealed in the work, showing a warmth and compassion born of living within the land rather than upon it.
The non-objective work probes the highly emotional and intensely spiritual response to JK’s world. It shows sensitive and dynamic introspection with deep concern for the essence of freedom.

Selected Exhibitions:
Lakeview Museum of the Arts, Peoria, IL
Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH
Millicent Rodgers Museum, Taos NM
Nickle River, Cave Creekj, AZ
Total Arts Gallery, Taos NM
Buffalo Nickel, Cimarron, NM
Johnson’s of Madrid, Madrid, NM
Whitney Gallery, Taos, NM
Magic Sky Gallery, Ranchoes de Taos, NM
View Point, Taos, NM
El Taller, Santa Fe, NM
Debra Huggens Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
Enthios, Santa Fe NM
Bardean Gallery Inc., Albuquerque, NM
Adobe patio Gallery, Mesilla, NM
Western Gallery, Mesilla, NM
Lundeen Gallery, Las Cruces, NM
Joy Tash Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
Suzanne Brown Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
Loewenkamp Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
Spirit Gallery, Flagstaff AZ
“Land od Color & Enchantment” Lake View Museum of the Arts
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Mytique Magazine
Tempo Magazine
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Taos Magazine
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Magazine Covers:
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Graphic Art and Art Design, Whitney Publishing Company
Photo-journalist, Whitney Publishing Company
Limited Editions:
‘Viga Shadows” Lithograph, Masters Editions, Santa Fe NM
“High Places” Lithograpg, Masters Edition, Denver CO
“Shadow Stories” Lithograph, Origins Press, Tuscon AZ
“Desert Aura” Lithograpg Vigil Press, Taos NM
“Adobe Shadows” collgrapg, Vigil Press, Taos NM
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